Andy Lentz

roots fiddle



  1. Quarantune Challenge

    A tune a day for 30 days!

    While we're all stuck at home, I took up Tristan Scroggins' Quarantune Challenge. I'm posting the videos to Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Some of these prompts are tricky, and it's fun writing a tune every day! Check out the links below to follow along:




  2. Bluegrass Jam Class in Austin

    Wernick Method Jamming Instruction

    I'm happy to announce that I'm going to be teaching a bluegrass jamming class in Austin from April 30 through June 4.

  3. How I Amplify My Fiddles

    Part One: The Pickups

    Here’s how I set up my fiddles and what I think about the results. 

  4. Fiddle Workshop in Davis

    Tone and Rhythm on the Fiddle

    I'll be back in Davis next month and I'm happy to say that I'll be teaching a fiddle workshop on Sunday, June 19th.