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Andy Lentz

Roots Fiddle



Bluegrass. Irish. Classical. Why choose, when Andy Lentz exists? National acts including The Devil Makes Three and Brothers Comatose rely on Andy as a hired gun. Event planners recognize his exceptional talent, trusting him with family weddings, parties and corporate events.

On stage Andy delivers surging energy and easy chemistry with fellow musicians, whether the group needs a natural leader or an easygoing support player. His singing and playing ring true, simultaneously lively, disciplined and sincere.

In California there are plenty of fiddlers with well-groomed beards and pearly snap shirts. Andy’s got the look, but he’s also experienced, versatile and professional. And he’s ready to blow the lid off your next gig.


Generally speaking there are two kinds of musicians: those who are highly schooled or trained, and those who are more intuitive and self-taught. It is the rare player who is able to meld the two. Andy Lentz is one of those: skillful, tasteful, intuitive, quick to learn, great intonation. I have used him in the studio and played with Andy on stage; the guy can flat-out play.” — Richie Lawrence

Andy is a team player, yet he can take the lead and work the room, when needed, and he has a great sense of humor.” — Joe Craven

Andy Lentz’s fiddle bow is like a lightning rod that conducts unbridled joy... but the notes are controlled, creative and right in the pocket. I love his playing.” — Brennen Leigh