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Andy Lentz

Roots Fiddle



  1. Online Lessons Teaching from Costa Rica!

    I’ve just started teaching lessons online while living down in Costa Rica and it’s been going great, so I’ve decided to open up enrollment to anyone who is interested. 

  2. A Year in Costa Rica Adventure!

    For about the last year, my wife, Emily, and I have been talking about going on some kind of international adventure. 

  3. October is Festival Month!

    I'll be playing for the first time at two festivals in October - Austin String Band Festival and Blackpot! Looking forward to jamming!

  4. Fiddle Workshop in Davis! Saturday, January 25th

    I’m excited to be collaborating with Josh Rabie to teach a fiddle workshop in Davis on Saturday, January 25th from 1pm to 3pm. Josh is an awesome musician, formerly of the band Water Tower, who is now playing locally with The West Nile Ramblers, Kari King and Miss Lonely Hearts.

  5. VOX DA5 Amp Repair

    My VOX DA5 wouldn't work using the batteries anymore, so I fixed it. Read all about it here.  

  6. New Project // Upcoming Tours

    I've joined a band in Austin and I'm going on a few short tour runs starting at the end of the month with my extant bands in CA. 

  7. Back in Austin // New Year's Eve Shows in CA!

    After touring with The Brothers Comatose and some California gigging with Rita Hosking & The West Nile Ramblers, I happily returned to Austin and have been re-settling in. I realized that, aside from a 3 day visit at the end of September, I'd been away from Austin for three (!!!) months. It feels really good to be stationary for a little while.