Andy Lentz

roots fiddle



  1. Yes, I do recording work!

    In your studio or from my house!

    I was recently contacted by a fellow in Round Rock, TX who asked me if I do recording work. If you're looking for fiddle on your album, I'm your guy!

  2. New Project // Upcoming Tours

    I've joined a band in Austin and I'm going on a few short tour runs starting at the end of the month with my extant bands in CA. 

  3. Back in Austin // New Year's Eve Shows in CA!

    I love Austin, but I can't stay away from California

    After touring with The Brothers Comatose and some California gigging with Rita Hosking & The West Nile Ramblers, I happily returned to Austin and have been re-settling in. I realized that, aside from a 3 day visit at the end of September, I'd been away from Austin for three (!!!) months. It feels really good to be stationary for a little while. 

  4. Touring Ireland

    A photo-driven blog

    Rather than blather on about the tour and end up with a pile of words, I decided to guide myself with photos taken along the way. Here is the result!

  5. A few quick updates

    and a teaser

    The recent past and the near future, covered as briefly as possible!