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Touring Ireland

A photo-driven blog

Rather than blather on about the tour and end up with a pile of words, I decided to guide myself with photos taken along the way. Here is the result!

sewing table in a barI first encountered old sewing tables being used in bars at De Barras in Clonakilty, County Cork. Great idea!

The show at De Barras, a well-known music venue in Clonakilty and Ireland as a whole, was really fun! West Nile had the good fortune of closing out the night so we had a good-sized and slightly drunk crowd - perfect for us! 




Dingle peninsulaHeres a shot of the scenery as we drove along the Dingle peninsula, taken from the back of our campervan. Its all this beautiful and green, but the trade-off is crazy amounts of rain relative to the rainfall in the rest of Ireland. 

The last time I was in Dingle was on a solo adventure during the Mad Cow String Bands European tour back in 2004. We decided to go our separate ways for a few days because we were all a bit tired of each other after about six weeks of traveling together. It was nice to come back as an older, possibly wiser, and definitely more seasoned traveler and have the confidence and energy to explore the town. 


I snapped a shot of the poster for the 2012 Ballyshannon Folk Festival while walking around town after an all-night helldrive from Bantry, Co. Cork to Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal. I had no idea at the time that that we would go on to win the contest and open for Paul Brady, the headliner of the festival! That was an awesome experience. We played a great show to a packed house, after which we got to see Mr. Brady perform a incredibly energetic and entertaining solo set. That man can sure put on a show!

 Cliff diving near Clifden! After trotting across a bog and falling in the bog water and nearly destroying my jeans, cleaning off in this swimming hole was the perfect remedy!