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roots fiddle


A few quick updates

and a teaser

As promised, I'll keep this as brief as I am able.

The last month in Austin has been a crazy whirlwind. I've met more people, played more, might now be rehairing bows professionally (we'll see), and have been busy planning the future!

I recently got the chance to play with Brennen Leigh, one of my favorite country songwriters and performers down here in Austin, which was a big highlight of the last couple weeks. Danny Chaves, of The Mad Cow String Band and San Francisco's hottest western-swing band, The Heel Draggers, was visiting at the time, so the three of us ripped some bluegrass at a dinner party my friend Courtney was hosting. It was awesome.

On to the future! Rita Hosking will be down in Texas next weekend and we're going to do a couple shows. After that, I'm going to be back in California to play a bunch with The West Nile Ramblers and Rita Hosking & Cousin Jack. Check out the dates on my events page!

While I'm back in California, Alex and I are going to be working hard on recording a new album with The West Nile Ramblers. It's going to be very cool, with loads of original material, so keep your ear to the ground (or your eyes on this website) for news of its release (probably mid-late summer).

Part of the reason we're going to be pushing to get the album done while I'm there is due to an upcoming West Nile tour with our friends in The Souterrain in IRELAND!!! This is a very exciting development, and I'll be posting more details about that soon.