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Rita Hosking Tour + Webcast next Sunday

Rita Hosking and Cousin Jack is going on tour in the Pacific Northwest! Check the dates on my events page.

Ill be playing with Rita Hosking and Cousin Jack at Empty Sea Studios next Sunday, March 18 at 7 PM PST in Seattle. However, you dont have to be in Seattle to watch the show. For just $5 you can get a front-row seat via live webcast!

This isnt like most other webcasts youve seen. The production quality is outstanding. Check out this example video: watch?v=7EU0GH3lOUw.

Heres a story from today about Empty Sea in No Depression: profiles/blogs/empty-sea-tv-an-online-concert-series?xg_source=activity
Heres a link to the show:

And a link to the webcast page:

And a link to the rest of our tour schedule:
Please spread the word! We actually get a cut of the webcast fee if enough people tune in, and well need the gas money!