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  1. SXSW is around the corner

    And I'm actually kinda busy this year!

    I've lived in Austin for about two and a half years now and this will be my second time negotiating the SXSW madness to play some gigs. 

  2. VOX DA5 Amp Repair

    My VOX DA5 wouldn't work using the batteries anymore, so I fixed it. Read all about it here.  

  3. Yes, I do recording work!

    In your studio or from my house!

    I was recently contacted by a fellow in Round Rock, TX who asked me if I do recording work. If you're looking for fiddle on your album, I'm your guy!

  4. New Project // Upcoming Tours

    I've joined a band in Austin and I'm going on a few short tour runs starting at the end of the month with my extant bands in CA.